BIO | Elan Barreras


Born and raised in Miami, FL , Elan Barreras has always shown a love for fitness and physical activity. He started playing baseball at the age of four, eventually playing varsity baseball at Miami Sunset Senior High. After high school finding no outlet for teamwork or strenuous physical activity he entered the United States Air Force, and for a short stint trained to become a USAF Pararescueman. He eventually became an emergency medical technician before finishing his term to come back home and open his own gym. 

Elan found CrossFit in 2008 with a friend while working at a local gym. Sick of the traditional "Globo Gym" workouts of Cardio and Bodybuilding they began to do CrossFit WODs at the gym doing things most people where not used to seeing like HSPU, Thrusters and Snatches. Doing CrossFit on and off for the next 2 years he eventually joined an affiliate while being stationed at Travis AFB in California and instantly fell in love with the community an affiliate and "Non-traditional" gym brings. One year later he opened his own affiliate, Witness Athletics(Formerly known as CrossFit Witness). He grew the gym to be one of best known and longest standing affiliates in Miami.


CF-L1 Trainer

CF-L2 Trainer

CF-Mobility Certified

CF-Football Certified

Action Personal Training Certified

State of Florida Firefighter

BIO | Rochelle Barreras

Born and raised in the beautiful Miami, FL. Rochelle grew up with two very athletic brothers who played the sport of Baseball. Starting at a young age she assisted her father, whom was the coach, throughout the Baseball season. 

She then went on to take swimming lessons at Tamiami Park. As she went on to high school she immediately knew she wanted to pursue a career in Health Care . Rochelle graduated from Florida International University in 2012. At this time, her brother had just opened an affiliate (CrossFit Witness), which led her to begin her CrossFit Journey. She instantly fell in love with the sport and dedicated many hours in the gym, this was now her hobby. Rochelle has competed in several CrossFit Competitions, and has shown great interest in Weightlifting.  Rochelle couldn’t be more thankful to help change lives! 

BIO | Allyson barreras

Fitness is a journey and for Allyson that started with her love and passion for dance. She was enrolled at South Miami Middle School Magnet for the dance program. At the tender age of 12 she was frequently surrounded by athletic people, especially her mother whom led several aerobic classes, and lived a very active lifestyle, which therefore planted the fitness seed for Allyson.

She continued her dance career all through high school and then college representing the 2012-2013 NBA Championship team, The Miami HEAT. She continued dancing for the Miami Heat for three seasons (2012-2015). Immediately upon joining the team, she was recognized and honored with “Fitness Dancer of the Year”. In 2014, she was selected to perform at the NBA Global Games in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. Allyson excelled in the demanding physicality of being on the team and found herself leading the rigorous workouts. During the 2015-2016 season of the Miami Heat Dancer Bootcamp, she assisted the head trainer, Peter Marrero. 

  Allyson was introduced to CrossFit out of high school and her first WOD "Helen" is what got her hooked. She went on to open Witness Athletics with her husband, Elan in 2012 and started coaching others in high intensity, endurance training right away. Allyson has recently created her own "Bootcamp" style training mixing resistance and cardiovascular training for effective weight loss known as TotallyFit Bootcamp.


ACTION Personal Training Certified

Miami HEAT Dancer 2012-2015

Bachelors Degree (Florida International University)

2nd Place Finish in Wodapalooza Fitness Festival

2nd Place Finish in UPS 5K Run 2014

Miami HEAT "Fittest Dancer" 2014

BIO | Vicente "Jr" Azua 

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