We encourage you to try our Group Personal Training classes (CrossFit or TotallyFit) for FREE! 

The revolution of fitness is here. Gone are the days of paying for a gym membership and going through the same boring routine of cardio and weights. Backed by the science of constantly varied functional movements done at a high intensity, our group personal training classes are PROVEN to shed weight in a quick and safe manner while getting you the fittest you have ever been. Not only will your body feel the difference but your mind will too!


β€œWe aim to become a premier all inclusive fitness facility focused on impacting lives through state of the art facilities, effective programming and coaching"



Witness Athletics formerly known as CrossFit Witness is relentlessly committed to providing exceptional service and coaching to each and every member. Every person that comes through our doors is part of a community that pushes each others limits on a daily bases to help improve our health and lifestyle. Whatever your goals, we are here to help.

Our programs are NOT one size fits all. That is where our world class trainers come in.  We will work with every individual to modify any movement and workout to their abilities because every persons fitness level starts at a unique starting point.

Whether you are serious about the Sport of CrossFit or serious about your health, we have proven results! 



β€œBest gym around I couldn’t be anymore happier to be part of this great family. Great coaches and atmosphere to work out I recommend it to everyone. Its never I routine is always a new challenge every time I go.”
— Jessy Lopez
β€œI truly enjoy WA -the supportive community and collective drive to make health and fitness available to everyone. It is a community of absolutely great, encouraging people. I have never been more entertained while sweating. And the coaches have been great about guiding my workouts to maximize success with no injury!”
— Amy Castillo
β€œTried TotallyFit at Witness Athletics and loved every minute of it! Ally is very professional and straight to the point! She makes sure you get what you came for and makes that hour well worth it! Awesome! ”
— Millie Quinones